Technomont Limited was established in 1991 and since has developed and transformed under the leadership of Vincent Dubec (owner). Mr. Dubec has over 31 years of experience working in steel construction. From 1969 he has worked at SES Tlmace as a construction manager, responsible for major projects as well as their developments. He’s success and passion has inspired him to continue in his field of business and realize his vision in 1991 by establishing Technomont. Since then the company has grown significantly, taking on projects such as Gabcikovo, nuclear power plants in Mochovce and Jaslovske Bohunice, Volkswagen Slovakia, making a name that is recognized for its quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.


Our main focus is industrial sector in the area of steel construction. We provide supplies and installation in specialize technologies, special high pressure technologies and special pipe line works, special lifting mechanisms.
Our company has qualified workers with professional certification for work at nuclear power plants – Mochovce and Bohunice.


Company was established with focus on service with capacity of 30 qualified professional employees.
As general contracting company, we guarantee the quality of our work and abide according to contract agreements.
We provide a nurturing environment based on mutual trust and loyalty where our employees can grow professionally and personally. In our relationship with our employees we strive to achieve personal and collective responsibility for all processes, prosperity and a good name of our company.